Friday, August 28, 2009

Greek fires

Here is another opinion from crystalclearforum that answers to Oliver Rackham' s opinion. See here

Dear friend Oliver,
Yes, nobody controls the tsunamis or the meteorites and of course wildfires is a natural (too) phenomenon that happens even where no human breaths. We cannot control the very existence of wildfires but we can handle them. In the case of the recent fires close to Athens a serious issue is that the disaster started after a small fire in the periphery of the final total burnt area, and that fire service although had the necessary tools (grand and air forces, paid from the blood of the Greek citizens) its reaction was (trying to stay polite) ridiculously slow. And that is beyond any doubt by the facts.
This is my first objection. But there are more. The same time Greeks are almost mad on the whole establishment of Greek political parties, and Greek state in general. They are sick and tired of paying and paying and receiving back a ridiculous state, extremely expensive, always impotent, and absolutely hostile to them. We Greeks feel sometimes that Greek state is an occupation army in our country, or even worse.
Third, the result of one more Greek state's silly errors, it was the death blow to any hope of remaking Attica and Athens a livable place. The environmental disaster is the worst in Greek modern history because it was concentrated to a small place, Attica, and (you mention in your letter the natural way of the renaissance of the forest and jungles) there is a very dangerous factor making difficult any natural recovery of the local environment; human presence, dense and hungry for build-able land.So understand our anger against our government for this Greek tragedy (or English black comedy?)


P.S. We are not silly, we know that after the climatic change, and the other factors I already mentioned, mostly the huge demand for housing, this thing it was sure it will happen. It was just matter of time. We were expecting this death. But it is still a death. We need to mourn.

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