Monday, November 2, 2009

The World’s Fastest and Most Convenient High-Capacity USB Flash Drive

The Voyager GT 128 breaks through with a spacious 128GB of storage and blazing speed. Using a unique dual-controller design, the Voyager GT delivers read and write speeds near the limits of the USB bus. Nearly 75% smaller than a typical portable USB hard disk drive, the Flash Voyager GT 128 is the most convenient way to transport huge amounts of data, including high-resolution photos and artwork, HD video footage, massive databases, or even entire music collections.

Price: $400

  • Incredible Performance

- 32MB/sec read

- Up to 28MB/sec write

  • Compact, convenient design

- 75% smaller than a typical portable hard disk drive

- No cables needed–just plug it in and go!

  • Protect your data

- The Voyager GT 128 has no moving parts, making it virtually shockproof

- Portable USB hard drives are much more susceptible to damage when dropped

- The rubber housing and sealed construction provide water resistance so minor accidents don’t turn into major disasters!

  • Backed by Corsair–a respected industry leader with a passion for quality products and great service and support

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