Thursday, July 30, 2009

Becoming A Better Writer

Everyone wants to be better at writing in business, as this is a big part of how you connect with your clients and bring in new clients by grabbing their attention to your writing. But how do you go from an ok writer to a great writer? First and foremost remember that writing is a way to become a better writer. It’s that old saying “practice makes perfect”, it applies to writing as well. Below are some other helpful suggestions to help improve your writing. located on Copy Blogger.

Try becoming a blogger. Blogging involves continuous writing on a weekly basis, which ties into the whole “practice makes perfect” idea.

Allow yourself to accept all kinds of criticism that comes your way, teach yourself how to learn from the criticism that you get.

Always edit your work more than once. After you go over it the first time, go over it again maybe even a third time, you’ll be surprised at what you pick up the second and third time.

Get out that dictionary that has been collecting dust and teach yourself a new word everyday and find a way where you can incorporate that new word into your writing.

Always make sure there are no distractions around you when you are writing.

Keep a journal to keep the writing juices flowing.

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