Thursday, July 23, 2009

Elissa - TAA Live Dubai 2008

I like this arabic song a lot.
Click on the title Come below (Taa means Come)
and watch the video with live music


Your scent gave me warm
that made me hung up on you
your night called to me
and awakened me
kept me up to put you to sleep
my nights are now lit everyday
for your eyes by words
from my heartpromise me nights
and nightsand make me forget all the rest...

Come, come just for me,
come come, come to me in the nights,
come come, come by chance come,
come come into my imagination

Come, i'll sing to you
with all my heartand
we will get lost together
and if you leave for just a moment
i'll call for you with my lashes
i'll steel the stars from the sky
so the nightbecomes lost in its darknessand
i swear with all thats precious
to me my precious
that you will wake me if i ever fall asleep...

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